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It is a fact that two-thirds of people in the UK die without having  made a will.  This means that the way their estate is dealt with is dictated by the Intestacy Rules which apply automatically.  The Rules set out who has the responsibility for administering the estate and how the assets are divided up.
We frequently find that married couples expect their estates to pass automatically to the survivor of them if one were to die, but this is not necessarily the case.
By making a Will you 'take charge' and have the opportunity to decide who to appoint as your Executors and Trustees; appoint Guardians if you have children under the age of 18 and set out specifically how you wish your estate to be divided between family members and/or friends.
Everyone's circumstances are different; for some people protection of their property for their family is paramount; for some mitigation of Inheritance Tax is important.  We will spend time discussing your thoughts and needs and advise you  on the most appropriate format for your Will.
Once the Will has been put in place we recommmend that it is reviewed on a regular basis, particularly if there is a
material change of circumstances.  The Will can be amended by a Codicil if the changes are relatively minor or re-drafted if necesssary to keep it up to date.